Oden – Dinner

ODEN    Japanese-style stew in light soy broth

Assorted 5 pcs (chef’s choice)    |    10

DAIKON    |    2.2

GANMODOKI    |    2.2 deep-fried tofu

GOBO MAKI   |    2.2 fish cake with burdock root

HANPEN    |    2.2 fish cake

GYU-SUJI    |    2.2 beef cartilage

IKA MAKI    |    2.2 fish cake with squid

KONNYAKU    |    2.2 yam cake

TAMAGO    |    2.2 hard-boiled egg

V=vegetarian, VG=vegan, GF=gluten free

Noodle in soup for Dine-in only Substitution / modification charges may apply prices are subject to change, taxes excluded consuming raw or under cooked meat, poultry , seafood, or eggs may increase your risk of food Bourne illness Please notify server for any food allergies Wasabi in all nigiri sushi & maki, unless otherwise noted