Noodles – Lunch

served with salad & fruit

Shoyu Ramen | 12 egg noodle, pork & veggie in soy broth

Karamiso Ramen | 13 egg noodle, pork & veggie in spicy miso broth

Miso Ramen | 12 egg noodle, pork & veggie in miso broth

Tan-tan Men | 13 egg noodle, spicy ground pork & veggie in spicy pork broth

Yakisoba | 10 stir fried egg noodle with pork & veggie

Yakiudon | 10 stir fried wheat noodle with pork & veggie

Nabeyaki Undo | 12 wheat noodle, chicken, shrimp tempura & half boiled egg in soy broth

Noodle in soup for Dine-in only Substitution / modification charges may apply prices are subject to change, taxes excluded consuming raw or under cooked meat, poultry , seafood, or eggs may increase your risk of food Bourne illness Please notify server for any food allergies Wasabi in all nigiri sushi & maki, unless otherwise noted