Makimono – Dinner

BAKUDAN MAKI    |    6.8 tuna, chili sauce, tempura crumb

EBIKYU MAKI    |    5.8 boiled shrimp, cucumber, mayo

FUTOMAKI crab meat, egg omelette, burdock root, cucumber, kanpyo, shiitake mushroom half order    |    8.3;    full order    |    13.8

NEGIHAMACHI MAKI    |    6.8 yellowtail, green onion

NEGITORO MAKI    |    5.8 tuna, green onion

SABA MAKI    |    5.8 marinated mackerel, green onion

SALMON MAKI    |    4.8 fresh sockeye salmon

SALMON BAKUDAN MAKI    |    6.8 fresh sockeye salmon, chili sauce, tempura crumb

SMOKED SALMON MAKI    |    5.3 smoked salmon

SPECIAL MAKI bbq salmon skin, tuna, salmon, scallop, crab meat, tobiko, mayo half order    |    9.3;    full order    |    16.8

SPICY TUNA MAKI    |    5.3 fresh tuna, chili sauce

TAMAGO MAKI    |    3.8 egg omelette

TEKKA MAKI    |    4.8 fresh tuna

UNAKYU MAKI    |    6.8 bbq eel, cucumber

DELUXE YAMAGOBO HAND ROLL    |    7.8 crab meat, burdock root, shiso leaf, cucumber, sesame seed

NATTO HAND ROLL    |    4.8 fermented soybean, green onion & shiso leaf

V=vegetarian, VG=vegan, GF=gluten free Wasabi in all maki, unless otherwise noted

Substitution / modification charges may apply prices are subject to change, taxes excluded consuming raw or under cooked meat, poultry , seafood, or eggs may increase your risk of food Bourne illness Please notify server for any food allergies Wasabi in all nigiri sushi & maki, unless otherwise noted